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First of all, you are the GOD of syncs!

-B. Murphy



Wow! This was the greatest Christmas present I received this year. Shades of Carl Jung--I can't believe the attention to detail in this incredible collection! The quality is excellent and the sound in 5.1 Dolby digital is tremendous. I was well familiar with the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" when I included it into both my "Hellhounds on Their Trail" and "Take a Walk on the Darkside: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends and Curses." What is fascinating is the complete ease in which the syncs match up on one DVD. No waiting to match the third roar of the MGM lion and starting either the LP or CD to find the syncs. So easy even a rock historian can do it!

What makes this set a must have is the OTHER collections. Imagine popular rock CDs synced with "The Matrix," "Friday the 13th," Night of the Living Dead' and twelve more incredible compilations. The Deville's Workshop may well be a cottage industry in opening our eyes and ears to a spectacular experience in which great rock and roll and classic films can be viewed as an entirely new media. Be warned! You need to be up on the music as the lyrics created the ultimate synchronicities. Believe me when I say this is a collection you'll treasure for a lifetime!

-R. Gary Patterson, author of Take A Walk On The Darkside: Rock And Roll Myths, Legends And Curses


(of the Darkside Mega-Sync Collection)
This is by far the coolest thing I ever got in the mail!

-Evan Schlansky, editor - Rolling Stone Magazine


Hey DeVille,
I received your disc(s) - very impressive! Your note's right - it's much better than I expected! I figured the video quality would be more like a typical bootleg - couldn't be more wrong! It's as good as an "official" release...!

FYI, I happened on your site from a music group list that made mention of an ebay auction for your Oz disc - the auction had a pic of your OZ disc that someone
was selling. You could see your company name in the pic - I Googled it -found it! Figured why not buy direct from the source - glad I did! You ever consider selling on ebay, etc.? Bet you'd do well.

Very nice 13 film sampler, as well the Code Atom disc! Last time I was in Atlanta I saw a band called Big Atomic at some bar/venue. Atlanta must have a pretty good local music scene. (Big Atomic only similar in name, and also an Atlanta band, not really in sound.) Your son's band sounds good to me - I'll definitely
keep watch for them.

Thanks again,


 "Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination".
-Willy Wonka

This quote above all others sums up in essence what synchronicity film creator The DeVille has to offer. With his 13 dvd set of synch films distributed by his own Idol Hand Entertainment Company, The DeVille does just that and more. The mixing or "synching" of two unrelated works to create a whole new entity is not a new concept but by transferring his synch finding to dvd, The DeVille has taken the idea in a whole new direction. Each disc in the 13 dvd set is brilliantly packaged with stunning artwork & loaded with extras. Spectacular picture & digital sound quality only hint at how many hours The DeVille spent to create each synch masterpiece.

Existing films & CD's are the tools used to create synchronicity films & while The DeVille uses these works to create entirely new works of his own, he has always stressed that the original music & films should be purchased from the original artists. Distribution of synch films is currently hindered by copyright laws but one could argue that synch films stand on their own as completely new works of art. Through passion for his art & tireless self promotion, The DeVille has been heralded as somewhat of a modern day P.T. Barnum. A madman carnival barker trying to turn the world onto a new art form that could blow the entertainment industry wide open....with The DeVille’s finger on the detonator.

The synchs themselves weave together so well, many have thought they were created intentionally. Proven many times over by synchronicity enthusiasts, the once thought "urban legend" of synching together the MGM classic film “The Wizard of Oz” with Pink Floyd’s legendary “Dark Side of the Moon” served as a launch pad for The DeVille & his theory of The Rainbow Connection, the method which he attributes to the discovery of his synchs. Rainbow Connection or not, the DVD’s created by The DeVille & Idol Hands Entertainment are a welcome addition to any movie collection & many fans look forward to new creations from his workshop. In the words of Kurt Cobain, "Here we are now...entertain us!" That is all The DeVille is trying to do.

-Alan S.


i got my order today and it is amazing!!! i am going through the preview disc and may have to order more!!! thank you so much for making these high quality versions available to the rest of us...

jason s.


i can honestly say that the sync version of dark side of the moon/wizard of oz that the deville's workshop has released should be considered the definitive version. i couldn't imagine anyone putting more time and care into sycn movies than 'the deville' himself. his quality and care cannot be matched. onward, sync champion...




Mr. DeVille-

To say that I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of your "The Dark Side of Oz" would be a HUGE understatement, as I have been a fan of this sync since it was introduced to me back in 1997. I would estimate that I have seen this sync 40-50 times (most of those occasions even sober!). I qualify this phenomena as the eighth wonder of the world. This is not an exaggeration.

I wish I had known about your website before last week. I just stumbled upon it last Friday while doing a web search for more information on The Dark Side of Oz and purchased it immediately. How amazed I was to learn about all of the other sync's you have put together! Consequently, I am saddened to now learn that all the sync's have been pulled. I was really hoping to get a few of the others you have done. I will be checking your website frequently to see when they become available again! I really hope this is a short moratorium.

Thank you, in advance, for this wonderful gift!

Already a fan-


Hey got the DARKOZ for Christmas(Thanks Meat!) all I can say is wow!!!!! Just blew me away the first three times and just amazed me the fourth!!! Glenda and the solo and the lion singing money just blew me away !!

And I think I might have found another???? Or maybe one known but thought as no big deal???

Its still in the black and white part when Dorothy is bumming at the end of over the rainbow ..they are by the tractor and Toto jumps up in the seat notice towards the end of that shot as all the weird sounds are going on notice how totos ears move as to pick up were the sounds are coming from pretty tripy… Thanks for the trip and I cant wait to get my hands on some of the others you have the ozzy and the toys sound kool .

Steve s
Kalispell ,Mt


Just got the DVD today and they (Floyd and OZ) matched up great.
Thanks, this sure beats trying to match up the MGM roar to Speak to Me. It
is also great when I need to pause or start the album for the second
and third times. It is simply put...easier. I think I have watched this
movie on the original form 2 or 3 times and synched about 50. You can
count on that number to increase a lot more now.

Thanks again,
Chris R.


Hello Giles, As soon as my order arrived I had to play it!!! The sound quality is like a Bose radio.Your version is a Masterpiece!

This weekend is a Dark Side of Oz party at my house. I'm going to have a group of coworkers over that have never heard of this.

In this day, it's refreshing to have a company not only deliver what is described, but be even better than anticipated!!!

thanks again!
kathy :-)


I am really happy with the discs. Everytime I watch, I find new matches. I don't like to use your match chapters, I find it more interesting to find the syncs on my own. Maybe in a week or two, I'll go back and see what I've missed.

To explain how much I like what you've done, I was ready to buy that $600 DVD player when I went to test them. I don't have that kind of money, but it shows how cool these movies are.

Just curious, what other movies are you planning on syncing? Or is that like top secret information?

Thanks again,
Zach R.


howdy again Giles & NV+VS 7IVH - I just wanted to write and give some feedback. "Lord of the IV", "Eternal" & "Dark Side" are flawless. I wanted to thank you for putting forth the effort and making a great value for the buck production. The content of these syncs are fine job.

thx agn S+IVMV 773H dan


Hi Giles, Just wanted to let you know I received the dvd in perfect condition today. It's fabulous!!!! This will keep me busy for days!

Kay M.


My discs arrived today. I was actually very impressed with the promptness of their arrival. I already watched DSOTR, and Eternal Nightmare, and Fellowhship. The disc quality is great. The syncs are timed excellently (Of course) and the quality is wonderful. I'll most likely be purchasing some of the other syncs, when I get some more $$. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Thanks so much,
Will C.


I have friends that are interested ... i will definitely give them your site info. What 11 are coming soon? I am very curious.

Thanks again,
Dan D.


I got my order today. Thank you so much, they all work great, I'm happy! I just thought I would let you know. I will definitely be passing the word and checking your site for updates regularly. Keep up the great work. O the LOTR to Led Zep freakin' Rocks! Well good luck and I hope you find some dried flowers.

Catch you later,
Brock R.


Hi Giles, got your first 3...YOU RAWK!!! these are awesome to watch. I got them for my daughters and me. Please let me know you when you complete more. I love your packaging too...please keep up the great work you are doing.

John S.






Thank you very much. Rrrrrrrrock on!



Mr De Ville, you understand the principles of service! Fine fellow! I'll certainly tout the site for you where possible.

Rod M.


I recieved the movies, thanks. I'm having a bunch of friends over to watch one, hopefully you'll get some orders out of it!!

Thanks agian
Brian L.


The syncs are awesome to watch, thank you very much.



It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will be sure to leave good feedback.



hi - just wanted to thank you loads for the package. it arrived today and ive never been more impressed than i was with your item. and believe me,i will spread the word about your site,its just fantastic. hopefully be doing business again soon.



I received the DVD´s last thursday. I have already watched 2 and I love them to bits.

Kristjan U.


Hey man, thanks again! You rock. No wonder you're such a great seller.

James M.


Hello Giles, I received the Dark Side Of Oz last night and watched it, Its great!




I'm from kansas and my mom's name is Dorothy . for real. stay cool ..................

Jennie V.


Giles, Disc arrived yesterday. Thank you for the good service. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



Subject: dark side of oz - superb !
DVD arrived on Friday - watched it (several times now) - Absolutely superb ! Mindblowing ! - what can I say !
I'm just about to add a link from my web site to tell the world (not just my friends) !
see it at

Regards, 23s, etc
James C.


I had a couple of friend’s over a few week’s ago watching a couple of the syncs, they had never seen anything like them before, Well apart from having the TV on at the same time as the radio, but I don’t think that counts in quite the same way somehow. Let me know of any more releases you have coming out, I would like to keep my collection full and up to date if poss.
Thanks again

Nathan M.


Subject: The Dark Side Of Oz
I just wanted you to know that I love it. I just keep on watching it over and over again.

Julie V.


Hiya Giles!

I got the tapes today! ...

The main part that I found myself watching for a good portion of time, was where the Cowardly Lion was singing in the Land of Oz, "If I Were King of the Forest". I was quite amazed at the way it sync'd up..

Thanks again, Giles!

Stegokitty of The Legendary Definitive List


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