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11-08-04 So you're probably wondering how we do it, right?

The answer is quite simple. There are a remarkable number of similarities between "The Dark Side of the Moon and "The Wizard of Oz" that put you on the right path. First of all there's the triangular prism on the cover of the CD versus all the triangular shapes (such as the bridge) in the movie. The scarecrow even recites the Pathagorean Theorum. The fist side of the album (for those that remember LP's) ends precisely as the first black and white scene ends. The list goes on, but the funniest, and perhaps the most obvious thing is what we at the shop call the "Rainbow Connection" (in memory of Jim Henson). And you already know what I'm going to say, don't you? The most memorable song from the movie is "Somewhere over the Rainbow", and the most prominet feature and the reason for the prism is the rainbow on the CD cover. Aha...

Now, what happens if you throw that riddle at a real studio run by crazy folks? Well, let's take a look at this connection in person using Led Zeppelin "IV" and "Fellowship of the Ring". The album is known as "IV" and there are "4" hobbits on the quest. The album lyrics have literally tons of Tolkien references: Gollum and the evil one, the darkest depths of Mordor, all that glitters is gold (as in the "one" ring), packing my bags for the misty Mountains. It's a very long and impressive list of connections, which made it these two jump out from the crowd. Here's one of the best: Remember when Bilbo is looking into the pool and sees the eye of Soran and the eye is trying to pull the ring from his neck? The whole time the music is saying "bring it back" over and over. The movie is two hors and fifty eight minutes long, and it matches just like that through the whole movie. Picture that

10-07-04 So... what more do you need to know?

Our sync's start at the beginning of the movie with something that's in-your-face obvious, play the music straight through just like you were listening to the CD, start over, then play through to the end of the feature length film, and all the while you're going wow... wow over and over. But since as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a preview of Rob Zombie sync'd with (of all things! [lol]) Night of the Living Dead: From "Night of the Living Zombie".

Our best selling title is of course "The Dark Side of Oz". Our version is based on the way the video tape of "Oz" sync'd with the original solid prism CD. That's the version the big fuss was about. We went to great lengths to make this correct version. We started with an exact digital transfer of the restored DVD, encoded at the same bit-rate as the Warner Brothers original. There is no difference in the quality. Then we did an exact digital transfer of the Re-mastered Super Audio CD. Identical 0's and 1's. Then it was painstakingly aligned on the timeline to exactly match note for note and sync for sync the old way, the really, really good way. Yes it was a lot of trouble. You would not believe me if I told you the half.

The main menu is based on the original, but with Dark Clouds over Dorothy and her friends. And as with the original, clips from the movie play and move across the screen, only this time they're sync's.

Stephen King put that together in one afternoon. Pretty impressive, don't you agree? WB would be so proud! Incidentally, WB, if you are listening, I have the project saved for you. All it needs is a glass master and retail distribution...

As with many of our DVD's, this one has a hidden button, an "Easter Egg". You can hear an actual voice recording of Aliester Crowley reciting "The Poet".

The DeVille


PS: Before I go, I'd also like to overload your logic for a second. There is another really good version of this sync that goes by the name of "The Dark Side Of The Rainbow". The first playthrough of the album is identical to the Superior Matches version, and because the CD is a couple of seconds longer, the second and third playthroughs produce many of the same, and some completely different matches. Roughly the same number I might add! I own the 2.0 version myself, and wookie, if your out there, I'd love to get your 5.1 model.

And I also need to officially thank stegokitty for his ideas and suggestions that helped make our packaging the "store-bought" quality it is today. He even sent a reviewer my way that wants to see and review for the world 3 of our titles. Is that not awesome? I'll be sure to post those links as they become available.

They also offer some pretty entertaining syncs in their own right, requiring, no doubt an equal amount of time and effort as the ones we offer here. So if this poses a quandry, there's only one thing to do. Get Them All!!! Here's how to order ours>>>

and here's more about their syncs, and a pretty cool website I might add! >>>

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Here's How To Order>>>

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