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Visit the World's premier Sync forum

Marc Arno's "UNDERGROUND IN OZ" history pages. Worth the visit!


Looney Runes' "House of Syncs"


Stegokitty's Legendary Definitive List

Baker B's Ultimate Pink Floyd Synchronicities site

Michael Allen's Synching Ship

2%David's Synch site

Andrew Wendland's Pink Floyd Movie Synchronization Story

TL's Cinesynchs

Carlo's TheAVRoom site

The Rush/Wonka Project

Mike Casey's Yes, I'm Cake Synchronicity page

Synchronicities of Pink Floyd in Space


Simon(ID4)'s Pink Floyd Synchronicity and Backmasking site

Turn Me On Dead Man's DSotR page

Leighton's Alternative Synchs

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ANCIENT TREASURE, the website where I buy my Roman coins and ancient knick-knacks




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