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"Planes, Trains And Candy-O"

- A Synchronicity Film by The DeVille -

The Cars' "Candy-O" meets the John Hughes classic "Planes, Trains And Automobiles"!

Our 17th sync, and I've got to say this one is mighty trick. Not only will you see well over a hundred instances where the lyrics describe what's happening onscreen. But there's more. There are a couple of hundred places in the sync where the album and the movie are saying the same word or words... at the same time! Setup instructions are included in the ROM data so you can see the movie subtitles and the song lyrics onscreen and hear the movie and the album at the same time! Five hundred hours in the making... enjoy!
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital surround
  • 16x9 format enhanced for Widescreen televisions
  • Second audio track combines "Candy-O" with movie sound
  • Optional "Candy-O" lyrics subtitles
  • Optional movie subtitles
  • Menu navigation with direct chapter access
  • DVD, NTSC, region-free, color, 92 min., NR
  • Only $21.99 Order now!

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