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"Night Of The Living Zombie"

- A Synchronicity Film by The DeVille -

Rob Zombie’s "Hellbilly DeLuxe" meets George A. Romero’s horror classic "Night Of The Living Dead"!

This is more than just another sync, it's a pagan celebration. Rob Zombie is obviously fascinated by (and obsessed with) "Night Of The Living Dead". On Hellbilly DeLuxe, he just went all-out and wrote (as he puts it) Thirteen Tales Of Cadverous Cavorting Inside The Spookshow International. One of the songs is even called "Living Dead Girl"! It's like he willed it to happen... This one was so obvious, I'm surprised nobody thought of it first. It screamed out to me... Hey -- Yeah, I'm the one that you wanted... Hey -- Yeah, I'm your Superbeast!

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