The Wizard of Sync

The man behind the curtain for movies and music and matchups, oh my!

by Mary Ought Six

It's a stoner staple, an urban legend that pretty much everyone's either heard of or experienced: the alchemical cocktail of "The Wizard of Oz" cued to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". From the movie's opening credits--eerie and nostalgic, suspended on the soft laughter, chiming, moaning and familiar opening notes of "Speak to Me"--to the first burst of Technicolor and the flower-garbed midgets matched to the cha-ching, cha-ching, bu-buh-da-dum of "Money", it's a phenomenon...and one best experienced stoned out of your gourd.

Wait! Hold the bong! If you’re wracking your brain trying to remember where you put that old “Wizard” VHS, and if your scratched CD of “Dark Side” has been missing in action for a while now, The DeVille’s got you covered. A detail man saved from a job at the IRS by his curious found-art passion, The DeVille, the master of syncmovies (, has been served with papers more than once to make him cease and desist from his trippy reproductions. But The DeVille remains undeterred: He’s done around 20 pairings so far and has more waiting in the wings, including “The Shining” set to “Hotel California” (think “Heeeere’s Johnny!” intertwined with “Johnny Come Lately…”).

It’s not just the cool melody/action matches or the unexpected symmetries of lyric and story that get the DeVille and other fans fired up; it's also things like the link between "Dark Side's" cover at, featuring that well-known prism- refracted rainbow, and "The Wizard's most famous song, "Over the Rainbow." This particular coincidence is what The DeVille calls the "rainbow connection", and every pairing in his syncs must meet its gold standard of uncanny synchronicity.

In his coupling of the sci-fi classic Logan's Run to Powerman 5000’s “Tonight the Stars Revolt!”, for example, The DeVille notes that on the back of the album, there’s a robot, and on the back cover of “Logan’s Run”, there’s also a robot, and “it’s like the same guy designed the robots!” He adds: “There’s also numbers appended to their names in Logan’s Run and to the members of the band like Adam 12 and Dorian 27.”

Obsessed with bringing these things “beyond coincidence” to the forefront in his labors of love, The DeVille syncs his syncs with an almost frightening exactitude: “48th of a 1,000th of a second, to be precise,” he notes. An avid pot-smoker himself (duh), The DeVille points out that you don’t have to be stoned to see these things, but it’s cool if you are, because you’ll notice more stuff.” Then he adds mystically: “Everything’s created from the same ether.”

And so it is. But take our word for it: Skip the ether, because these concoctions are truly best enjoyed stoned.

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